• Private Banking
  • SBG offers you a center of expertise for wealth management, taking advantage of the assets of Switzerland as a financial center, an eminently stable country from a political, economic and monetary standpoint.
  • The privileged environment naturally favors private asset management and are legally bound by strict rules of confidentiality.
  • We take full responsibility towards our customer and we put great importance to the balance between controlling risk and return on your assets.
  • Quality service includes:
  • Management mandate: derives from an independent selection of best assets on the money, bond, and international investment fund markets.
  • Investment advice: In this scenario, you retain full autonomy in managing your assets.
  • Institutional trading: We can provide you with best prices thanks to our experts.
  • Financial Planning, pension schemes: We analyze your assets as a whole and offer you a personalized selection of the best pension products on the market.
  • Mortgage: Our experts are able to provide loans for private financing. You have access to a variety of tailor-made services to build your first home in Switzerland.

We are very keen to build a personalized relationship and to deliver excellence in terms of your Private asset management.